Hi, I'm Erin.

I was born and raised in a small country town and never strayed far. I was a daddy's girl, but not the classic kind. The kind that drove him crazy because I was a pain in the ass just like him. My dad continues to be my best friend to this day (& to you that either makes me a loser or endearing). 

I married my husbabe after knowing him my whole life a few short years ago - he spends his time catching the bad guys, I spend my free time making cop jokes. We have two fur babes, if you've made it here from my social media, there's a 100% chance you've seen them. If I'm not editing or on session, chances are I'm snuggled up with them watching true crime or the office. 

Personal Specialties: binge watching entire TV series, rooting for the underdog, giving the best belly rubs.

Photo Credit: Lindsey Garland Photography

I'd like to tell you that photography has always been what I wanted to do, but thats simply not the case. I picked up my camera in 2015 and was determined to learn the ins and outs of it with everything in-between. It took some time to find my niche, really portray my true voice, & cut out the fluff. But here we are. Killin' it.​

It hit me the other day - that for the last decade of my life I've been told that I was too sarcastic.. too honest.. (which sometimes those things aren't bad, but let me tell you, the people saying them didn't mean it positively). BUT - and thats a big fat but - it makes me thrive in this industry. I'm able to be real with my client family. I'm able to build a genuine trust and friendship because of my honesty. What's cool about that is that it's less exhausting for me because I get to be who I am authentically, and you get badass, real, & beautiful photos. Win win.​

Photography Specialities: Detail shots, catching you cry, sarcastic comments to break the ice, DOGS.

THE STUDIO | Richmond, Michigan


Danielle & Jesse

“When we first got engaged last year, one of the first things I did was reach out to Erin and I’m so happy that I did. Erin’s laid back personality and witty humor put both of us super awkward/camera shy people at ease. With the whole world under stress and uncertainty right now, Erin’s promotion of positivity and happiness has been a blessing (give me all the dog photos and Friends memes).”

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